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▪ US Patent No. 9,885,473 (Seung-Hee Park)


- 발명의 명칭: Germicidal heating apparatus using superheated vapor

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1. A germicidal heating apparatus using superheated vapor, the apparatus comprising a water supply unit configured to supply water, a superheated vapor generation unit configured to generate superheated vapor using the water supplied from the water supply unit, and a blower configured to blow the superheated vapor generated in the superheated vapor generation unit through a discharge opening, the apparatus comprising: an annular vessel constituting the superheated vapor generation unit, the annular vessel having an annular inner space for receiving the water supplied from the water supply unit and provided at the entire inner peripheral surface thereof with a sheath heater, and the annular vessel including an inner sidewall and an outer sidewall, an upper end of the inner sidewall having a bent or protruding portion protruded toward the outer sidewall so as to come into close contact with the outer sidewall in order to prevent leakage of the received water and to ensure discharge of vapor generated by heat of the sheath heater; a partly opened cover provided at an upper end of the annular vessel, the partly opened cover serving to secondarily prevent leakage of the water received in the annular vessel; an auxiliary fan and an auxiliary heater arranged in a vapor transfer path between the annular vessel and the discharge opening, the auxiliary fan and the auxiliary heater serving to control a temperature around the discharge opening so as to fall within a range of C. to C.; a noise reduction device located in the vapor transfer path between the annular vessel and the discharge opening in order to reduce noise having a negative effect on organisms in consideration of an air flow rate and air pressure of the blower; and a plurality of ceramic members arranged at the exterior of the annular vessel to achieve minimized heat loss and maximized usage of vapor and to prevent superheating inside the apparatus, wherein the water supply unit is connected to the annular vessel via a water inlet line and a drain line for providing continuous water flow between the water supply unit and the annular vessel, wherein positioning of the water inlet line and the drain line with respect to the annular vessel is defined such that a height (A) from the water inlet line to the drain line is the same or smaller than a height (B) from the drain line to the upper end of the inner sidewall of the annular vessel.

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▪ US Design Patent No. D811,011 (Woo Sung Yun)


- 디자인 명칭: Thumb ring for nail clipper

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▪ US Trademark No. 5,402,680 (Taewoong Food Co., Ltd.)


- 상표명: HAN TAE SAM


- 지정상품/지정서비스업

(IC 029) G&S: Processed ginseng for use as a vegetable; ginseng processed food products, namely, sliced ginseng jeolpyeon, and ginseng jelly for use as a vegetable; processed red ginseng; processed red ginseng products, namely, sliced red ginseng jeolpyeon, and red ginseng jelly for use as a vegetable; processed garlic.



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