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▪ US Patent No. 9,842,705 (Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)


- 발명의 명칭: Flexible dye-sensitized solar cell using fiber

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1. A flexible dye-sensitized solar cell comprising: a fiber layer formed of nanofibers; a conductive electrode layer formed on a first side of the fiber layer; a photoelectrode layer formed on, and in direct contact to, an outer surface of the conductive electrode layer; a counter electrode layer formed on, and in direct contact to, a second side of the fiber layer opposite from the first side of the fiber layer; a sealing member for enclosing the fiber layer, the conductive electrode layer, the counter electrode layer and the photoelectrode layer therein so as to seal said layers from the outside; and an electrolyte infiltrated into the fiber layer, wherein the conductive electrode layer is formed of a metal mesh, and the metal mesh is coated on a surface thereof with titanium, wherein the fiber layer has a titanium dioxide paste applied directly on the first side of the fiber layer, and the titanium coated metal mesh is laminated directly on the titanium dioxide paste applied surface of the fiber layer; wherein the titanium dioxide paste is between the conductive electrode layer and the fiber layer. 

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▪ US Patent No. 9,856,599 (Heedae Park)


- 발명의 명칭: Coated yarn and method for manufacturing coated yarn using thermoplastic polyurethane compound

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1. A coated yarn comprising: a yarn core made of polyester, nylon or spandex; and a thermoplastic polyurethane compound composition coated on the yarn core, wherein the thermoplastic polyurethane compound composition comprises thermoplastic polyurethane as a base polymer, a thickener, and a processing aid, wherein the thickener is selected from the group consisting of silica, talc, calcium carbonate, and an alloy with a resin selected from a styrene butadiene styrene block copolymer, a styrene ethylene/butylene styrene resin, a polyacetal resin, and a styrene acrylonitrile resin, wherein the processing aid is selected from the group consisting of montane wax and fatty acid ester (C.sub.5-C.sub.9) with pentaerythritol.

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▪ US Trademark No. 5,390,300 (Ilbyoung Yi)


- 상표명: BY.RHO


- 지정상품/지정서비스업

(IC019) G&S: Window screen repair tapes and kits comprising non-metal screen with adhesive for application; non-metal weatherseals, namely, non-metal thresholds for doors.


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