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▪ US Patent No. 10,081,909 (Heedae Park)

- 발명의 명칭: Thermoplastic polyurethane compound composition for coated yarn and method for manufacturing coated yarn using the thermoplastic polyurethane compound

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1. A method for producing coated yarn using thermoplastic polyurethane, the method comprising the steps of: providing a yarn core made of polyester, nylon, or spandex; mixing thermoplastic polyurethane with a thickener; wherein the thickener is selected from the group consisting of silica, talc, calcium carbonate, and an alloy with a resin selected from a styrene butadiene styrene block copolymer, a styrene ethylene/butylene styrene resin, a polyacetal resin, and a styrene acrylonitrile resin; melting and kneading the mixture; drying and aging the kneaded mixture to prepare a thermoplastic polyurethane compound; and melting the thermoplastic polyurethane compound and coating the melted compound on the surface of the yarn made of polyester, nylon, or spandex.

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▪ US Patent No. 10,107,450 (KLT CO., LTD.)

- 발명의 명칭: Lubricant injector

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1. A lubricant injector comprising: a storage unit (100) including: a storage chamber (110) filled with a lubricant; a piston (120) provided in the storage chamber (110); a screw shaft (130) coupled to the piston (120) so as to lift and lower the piston (120) while rotating; a following gear (131) provided on a lower end of the screw shaft (130); and an elastic support member (140) provided on one side of the screw shaft (130) so as to elastically support the following gear (131); a power generation unit (200) provided on one side of a lower portion of the storage unit (100) so as to provide a rotation driving force; and an emission unit (300) including: a cylindrical cam (310) rotating by operating in conjunction with the power generation unit (200); a driving gear (311) provided on an upper end of the cylindrical cam (310), the driving gear meshing with the following gear (131) such that a space (S) through which the lubricant is introduced into the cylindrical cam (310) is defined; a plunger (320) pumping the introduced lubricant while moving up and down in the cylindrical cam (310) by operating in conjunction with the cylindrical cam (310) that rotates; and a discharge passage (330) formed in the plunger (320) such that the pumped lubricant can be discharged to target locations, wherein the following gear (131) and the driving gear (311) intermittently mesh with each other according to a change of pressure in the storage chamber (110).

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▪ US Trademark No. 5,592,617 (Kim, JinHo)



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(IC 035) G&S: Online marketing business which is made through telecommunications in the nature of online marketing services of cosmetic, make-up, toiletry and perfume products; retail store service for cosmetics; retail store service for perfumes; retail store service for soaps for personal use; retail store service for facial beauty masks; retail store service for toothpaste; retail store service for mouthwashes, not for medical purposes; retail store service for trinkets being jewelry; retail store service for leather accessories for bags; retail store service for ornament ring for cellphones, not of precious metal

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