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▪ US Patent No. 9,446,349 (SEPRATEK INC.)

- 발명의 명칭: Adsorptive permeation hollow fiber membrane, method of manufacturing the same, and gas adsorptive/desorptive separation system utilizing the same

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1. A method of manufacturing an adsorptive hollow fiber membrane, comprising: a step of mixing a polymer, a diluent, and an adsorbent to produce an adsorbent-dispersed dope solution; a step of spinning the adsorbent-dispersed dope solution to form a hollow fiber member having a generally annular shape with an exterior surface forming an outer boundary of the hollow fiber member and with an inner hollow passageway disposed within the hollow fiber member; and a step of cooling the hollow fiber member so as to form, by thermally induced phase separation (TIPS) method, the hollow fiber membrane having pores interconnected throughout the hollow fiber membrane, the pores being in fluid communication with the inner hollow passageway and having permeability to the entire mixed gas intended to be separated. 

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▪ US Design Patent No. D778,385 (Nojoong Park)

- 디자인 명칭: Arrow shaft

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▪ US Design Patent No. D793,459 (NAWOO PRECISION & INDUSTRY CO., LTD.)

- 디자인 명칭: Chip cover for tip dresser

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