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US Patent No. 9,397,419 (Joinset & Sun-Ki Kim)   


발명의 명칭: Solderable Electric Connector




1. A solderable electric connector formed of a metal sheet as a single body, the electric connector comprising: a flat bottom portion soldered to a conductive pattern of a printed circuit board (PCB); an elastic fastening portion bent and extended from one end of the bottom portion in a longitudinal direction thereof toward an opposite end of the bottom portion, and forming a C-shape together with the bottom portion; and a first housing vertically bent and extended from one end of the bottom portion in a width direction and surrounding the elastic fastening portion, wherein a front end of the first housing is vertically bent downwards and forms a supporting plate and a penetration hole is formed on the supporting plate, and wherein a pressurizing projection projects from a top surface of the elastic fastening portion and a metal core of a wire passing through the penetration hole is pressurized between the pressurizing projection and a bottom surface of the first housing and coupled therewith.

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