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▪ US Trademark No. 4,980,721 (KIM, JIN-SAN)   





(IC 038) G&S: Satellite communication service and television broadcasting; providing web portal services, namely, providing user access to a global computer network; information transmission services via electronic communication networks; rental of access time to global computer networks; transmission of news; providing access to databases; transmission of digital files; message collection and transmission; providing multiple user wireless access to the Internet; wireless communication services, namely, wireless telephony and wireless broadband communications services for the transmission of voice and data; wired communication services, namely, telephony and broadband communications services for the transmission of voice and data provided via wired networks; voicemail services; providing e-mail services; instant messaging services; providing access to the Internet; electronic mail services; rental of access time to databases; providing access time to databases; rental of teleprocessing and computer communication apparatus and instruments; communication services, namely, electronic transmission of data and documents among users of computers

(IC 042) G&S: Designing and developing computer game software and video game software; rental of a database server; programming of multimedia applications; providing services for hosting and maintaining an on-line web site for others; rental of web servers; rental of application software; provision of Internet search engines; providing Internet security programs, namely, providing temporary use of computer software that allows users to take measures to protect the security of their internet connections; computer services, namely, electronic digitizing of documents and visual material; computer programming of computer games; computer security consultancy; computer software development; computer software rental; computer software installation and maintenance; computer programming services; data conversion of computer programs and data; design and development of computer programs


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