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▪ US Patent No. 10,006,713 (IL-SUNG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. et al.)

- 발명의 명칭: Apparatus and method for processing final effluent and palm by-products discharged from palm oil milling process

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1. A method for processing final effluent and palm by-products discharged from a palm oil milling process, comprising: a cooling step of recovering and cooling waste heat of the palm oil mill effluent (POME), which is finally discharged from the palm oil milling process, using a heat exchanger; a neutralizing step of adding a neutralizing agent into the cooled POME to adjust pH; a coagulating agent adding step of adding a coagulating agent into the POME with adjusted pH; a concentration step of concentrating the POME into which the coagulating agent is added, wherein in the concentration step, liquid phase contents are primarily separated from the POME; a dehydration step of dehydrating the POME passing through the concentration step to produce a POME decanter cake with a water content of 70 to 80%, wherein the liquid phase contents are secondarily separated; a suspended material removal step of supplying the coagulating agent to the liquid phase contents primarily separated at the concentration step and the liquid phase contents secondarily separated at the dehydration step so as to add it to a pressurized floating tank to remove suspended materials; a liquid fertilizer production step of oxidizing organics while aerating the liquid phase contents, in which the suspended materials are removed, for 3 to 7 days to produce a liquid fertilizer; a mixing step of mixing palm kernel shell (PKS), palm oil decanter cake (PODC), and palm kernel cake (PKC) with the POME decanter cake produced at the dehydration step; a pelletizing step of sorting impurities from mixed raw materials of the mixing step and pelletizing them to be pelletized; and a drying step of drying the pellet produced at the pelletizing step.

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▪ US Patent No. 10,039,243 (Jeon; John Heungman)

- 발명의 명칭: Self-watering system for plant

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1. A self-watering system for a plant, comprising: a watering member of cylindrical shape, the watering member including a support tube member, and a water transfer member coupled to the support tube member, the support tube member including a head portion, a body portion, and a bottom portion, the head portion having a shape in which a diameter at an upper end of the head portion is smaller than a diameter at a lower end of the head portion, the body portion having a hollow cylindrical shape and including at least one air hole formed in the body portion, the bottom portion having a fixing configuration formed at an outer circumference thereof, the water transfer member serving to absorb water and transfer the water to soil and a root of a plant in a pot; a pot support member serving to support the pot and including a fixing hole; and a water container member for storing water to be absorbed by the water transfer member, wherein the watering member is fixed to the pot support member such that the bottom portion of the support tube member is inserted into and fixed to the fixing hole of the pot support member, wherein the body portion of the support tube member includes a body groove forming a recess in the hollow cylindrical shape, the body groove having a groove length extending in a longitudinal axis direction of the body portion and a groove width extending in a circumferential direction of the body portion, and the at least one air hole is formed in the body groove, the at least one air hole having an air hole length extending in the longitudinal axis direction of the body portion and an air hole width extending in the circumferential direction of the body portion, the air hole width being substantially the same as the groove width.

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▪ US Trademark No. 5,474,370 (HBL Inc.)



- 지정상품/지정서비스업

(IC 017) G&S: Flexible plastic pipes and tubes for constructing roller tracks, moving carts, work tables, and storage racks; non-metallic pipe couplings; junctions for pipes, not of metal

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