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▪ US Patent No. 9,516,296 (DONGGUK UNIV. IACF)


- 발명의 명칭: System and method for extracting a 3D shape of a hot metal surface
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- 대표 독립항:
1. A system for extracting a three-dimensional (3D) shape of a high-temperature metal surface, comprising: a light source device for emitting four non-interfering light beams comprising a first two polarized lights of different wavelength bands and a second two polarized lights of the same wavelength bands as the first two polarized lights, wherein the different wavelength bands are wavelength bands differing from that of light emitted from a high-temperature target metal object; an image acquisition device for simultaneously radiating the four light beams polarized by the light source device onto the target metal object, thus acquiring two-dimensional (2D) images of the target metal object from the four light beams, respectively; and an image processing device for combining the 2D images acquired by the image acquisition device using a photometric stereo technique, and extracting a 3D shape of a surface of the target metal object.

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▪ US Design Patent No. D627,511 (GHD Korea, Inc.)


- 디자인 명칭: Hair iron
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▪ US Trademark No. 4,014,603 (GEOLICA)

- 상표명: GEOLICA

- 지정상품/지정서비스업:

(IC 009) G&S: Contact lenses.


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