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US Patent No. 8,312,821 (Advanced Controls & Engineering, Corp.)   


발명의 명칭Waste-tire recycling system





1. A waste-tire recycling system comprising: a pyrolysis means configured to directly heat and pyrolyze waste tires to provide a thermally decomposed residue in a pyrolysis reactor using CO.sub.2 or N.sub.2 gas as a carrier gas; a decomposed residue processing means configured to crush said thermally decomposed residue obtained from the pyrolysis reactor and separate the crushed residue into carbon and iron core; an oil collecting means for cooling and condensing an exhaust gas discharged from the pyrolysis reactor to recover heavy oil; a carbon processing means, said carbon processing means including a carbon incinerator for burning the carbon obtained from the decomposed residue processing means to produce a hot exhaust gas, a heat exchanger for heating said carrier gas to supply hot carrier gas to the pyrolysis reactor for said pyrolysis of said waste tires, a steam turbine operating using a pressurized steam heated and pressurized by said hot exhaust gas to generate electricity, and an absorption refrigerator to cool said steam discharged from the steam turbine and convert into water; and an exhaust gas processing means for purifying the exhaust gas utilized and discharged from the carbon processing means to discharge into the atmosphere as a purified gas, and said exhaust gas processing means having a carrier gas separating device to separate and recover said carrier gas of CO.sub.2 or N.sub.2 from said exhaust gas.

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