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US Patent No. 8,844,435 (KIM, Il Kang)   


발명의 명칭: Compression-type Wastebasket





1. A compression-type wastebasket comprising: a body having a space formed therein to accommodate a garbage bag into the space through an open upper end of the body; a cover adapted to cover the upper portion of the body and having an opening unit formed at the center thereof in such a manner as to allow the inside of the body to communicate with the outside, a bag fixing unit formed along the outer periphery of the opening unit to fix the periphery of the inlet end portion of the garbage bag, and a gripping unit formed on a portion of the opening unit; and a compression member having a compression surface adapted to freely enter the opening unit to compress the waste charged into the garbage bag, the compression member adapted to be engaged with the gripping unit when rotated to a given angle around a compression direction on the opening unit. 

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