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▪ US Trademark No. 4,925,081 (ODOROSO CO., LTD.)   





(IC 018) G & S: Sports bags, hiking bags, backpacks, Boston bags, beach bags, briefcases, travel baggage, travelling trunks, opera bags, handbags, school bags, and leather packing bags

(IC 025) G & S: Golf shoes, basketball sneakers, hiking shoes, winter boots, boxing shoes, ski boots, baseball shoes, running shoes, gymnastic shoes, soccer shoes, hockey shoes, handball shoes, kendo outfits, gym suits, judo suits, swim suits, uniforms, shirts, and shapewear, namely, girdles, bras, and corsets

(IC 028) G & S: Sporting goods and equipment, namely, protective paddings for playing football, rash guards and body protectors for cycling, athletic tape, athletic supporters, personal exercise mats, punching bags, and gloves for rackets; butterfly nets; pet toys; Christmas tree decorations (except confectionery and electric Christmas lights); amusement park rides; toy, namely, battery-powered computer game with LCD screen which features animation and sound effects; dolls; portable games with LCD; game machines and apparatus, namely, video game machines, and computer gaming consoles for recreational game playing; game or sporting apparatus, namely, clubs, balls, gloves, club grips, bags, tees, and ball markers for playing indoor and outdoor golf; recreation apparatus, namely, darts, billiard tables, magic tricks, go boards, chess sets, and playing cards; and gymnastic apparatus


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