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▪ US Trademark No. 4,975,424 (BSN COMPANY INC.)   





(IC 009) G&S: Dosage dispensers, namely, dispensers that count or measure output for use with pills; air analysis apparatus; digital cameras; photographic apparatus and instruments, namely, cameras and underwater housings for cameras; automated teller machines (ATM); solar batteries; portable media players; earphones; headphones; smartphones; devices for hands-free use of mobile phones; intercoms; headsets for telephones; cellular telephones; computer application software for mobile phones, namely, software for storing photographs and sending e-mail; computer game software; anti-spyware software; computer anti-virus software; computer search engine software; game software; graphical user interface software; downloadable computer software applications for downloading music; notebook computers; digital door locks; computer mouse; secure terminals for electronic transactions; electrical and electronic control apparatus for closing doors; computers; interfaces for computers; computer keyboards; touch panels; touch pads; ear plugs for divers; safety goggles; electric theft prevention installations, namely, burglar alarms; home theater systems comprising DVD players, audio amplifiers, and audio speakers; LCD TV; TV monitors; earphones for smart phones; headphones for smart phones; audio earphones; audio components, namely, graphic equalizers, and stereo tuners; audio speakers; televisions; television monitors; Radio frequency identification (RFID) information system in the nature of an RFID communication machine, namely, RFID reader; TV remote controls; location tracking apparatus for walkers, namely, GPS tracking devices to locate people who are walking; Wireless communication devices, namely, tablet computers and cell phones; video door phone system comprising telephones and video cameras; display screen for smart phones; wireless headset for smart phones; waterproof packs for smart phones, namely, waterproof cases for smartphones; Wireless communication apparatus to be embedded in smart phones; home network devices, namely, audio amplifiers, audio speakers, headphones, audio transmitters, and audio receivers; electronic security system for home network comprising video cameras; home automation device, namely, remotely controlled thermostats; wireless headset for cellphones; downloadable smart phone software application for storing photographs; downloadable computer software applications for storing e-mails; downloadable computer game programs; smart phone software application for storing e-mails; application software for smart phone for storing ringtones; operating system programs; computer programs for using the Internet and the world wide web; search engine software for Internet information and web sites; computer anti-virus software; computer program for security service using home network; magnetically encoded credit card incorporating IC chips; Liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors; LCDs, namely, liquid crystal displays; LCD panels; light emitting diode (LED) displays; LED monitors; Near field communications (NFC) terminal; radio frequency identification cards; RFID tags; LCD monitor for display; display device, namely, digital signage display panels; wireless computer mice; unmanned security system comprising video cameras, and sensors; encoded smart cards containing programming featuring security chip technology used in security systems; password input devices, namely, magnetically encoded key cards; magnetically encoded credit cards incorporating smart chips; electronic key cards; electronic lock assemblies; electronic keys, namely, NFC (near field communication) enabled rings, tags and labels; electronic locks; computer central processing units (CPUs); credit card with integrated circuit, namely, integrated circuit cards; electronic wire/wireless door-lock apparatus for access control; computer network server; computer central processing units; computer hardware; computer monitors; computer screens; LCD monitor for computer; display for computer; interfaces and peripheral devices for computers; input devices for computers; touch screens; trackballs; printers and their parts; LED modules; LED circuit boards; diodes; large scale integrated circuits; microchips; semi-conductors; semiconductor component, namely, semiconductor chip housings; semiconductor devices; semi-conductor memories; structured semi-conductor wafers; light emitting diodes (LED); electronic integrated circuits; electronic circuits; integrated circuits; solar cell wafers; solar wafers; magnetically encoded identity cards; magnetically encoded credit cards


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